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Gerard Way: "'Fashion Statement' Is Probably My Favorite Track From 'Revenge' LP"; Reminisces About MCR's 2004 Album

Gerard Way has been reminiscing about My Chemical Romance's 2004 album, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge album via his Twitter account.

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My Chemical Romance announced last week that the band have broken up.

"Revenge.. time is wasted getting into the fucking face-shredding on this album.

Give 'Em Hell- hands down my fav song to play live. It's like riding a cruise missle. Demo version had "fake french" in it. I still miss it. 
Opening bass-riff I cribbed from a Lush song.

Howard Benson did an amazing job with these vocals.Swagger and cut. To point out a difference- I'm def polluted/angry on REV, possesed on BP.

Keith Morris from The Circle Jerks screaming at the end of "Hang 'Em High" Mega priceless. His subliminal buried story in the bridge-amazing

"Fashion Statement"- probably my favorite off the album. The first song we wrote a week after finishing "Bullets".

The ending movement in "Fashion.." was inspired by the end of "All Star Me" by @ChrisLaneConley , one of my biggest influences."

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