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Twin Falls Change Band Name To Twin Forks

The folk super group Twin Falls - comprised of members from The Narrative, Bad Books and Dashboard Confessional, have announced they have changed their to Twin Forks.

A message from the band can be found by clicking read more.

"Hey everyone,

It seems our choice of band names has upset the apple cart. Sorry for that. There are three other bands who have used the name. If you came here looking for any of the other Twin Falls, here are some links

The world doesn't need a fourth Twin Falls... so allow us to introduce ourselves:

Hi! We are Twin Forks. It's nice to meet you! We'll be on tour with Ivan and Alyosha and The Lone Bellow from 4/16-4/29. 

Here is a new song:


Thanks for listening!

Suzie, Ben, Chris and Jonathan"

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