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ATP! Album Review: Daylight - Jar

Doylestown sounds like a small, hole-in-the-wall place at first mention. The Pennsylvania Township has increased in prominence in the alt rock world since people have soaked in the sounds of local acts Circa Survive and Balance & Composure. Now Daylight, the nearing-six-years-old quartet, is pursuing their own legacy amidst the Township's finest monuments. Following a string of EPs is the group’s debut album, Jar - a record that succeeds in blowing the competition away and forming a radiant spotlight for a deserving band.

Jar is a pretty solid debut record; very well crafted and considered, combining personal style with subtle grunge inspiration. ‘Sponge’ opens the record with the guitars alternating between melodious late summertime jamming to full-on Pearl Jam-like slaying.

‘Life In A Jar,’ the semi title-track, and ‘Youngest Daughter’ are two songs in particular that need some extra attention on the part of the listener. The former features drummer Zack Robbins acting as a conductor, cueing when his bandmates will begin and closing each section of the masterpiece, directing when to get loud or even louder. The latter is the epitome of a low-key grunge anthem, with guitarists/vocalists Jake Clarke and Taylor Madison showing off a gentle, comforting, chest-y vocal style contrasting with lyrics that could ruin even Mr. Rogers’ good mood (“It's useless/ I tried, but to no avail, to tell you how much I know/ How much I care...Every day repeats itself again/ The cycle of our misery, it drives us all insane”). Towards the end of the record is a track called ‘In On It,’ a slight change in harmonies and a little more jaunty compared to the previous tracks, one described as, “sad and dark, but different” by Clarke.

This record displays outstanding vocal range – a light tenor to as bass-y as bass can get, gentle whispers to blood vessel-bursting screams - a very well put-together instrumental arrangement and lyrics that will stick in your head even when you’re not thinking about them. It’s pretty clear that Daylight have set out to make a name for themselves in the past, but their intentions are more explicit on Jar.

Get this record, indulge in its sound and maybe take a ride out to Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Maybe there is something in the water that is creating so much talent in such a small town.


Melissa Jones

Jar is out now via Bandcamp for only $5.

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