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ATP! Lists: 10 Must-Hear Acts at Skate and Surf Festival 2013

Glassjaw (Playing: Sunday, May 19th)
Words by Emma Garland

I don’t think we’re ever gonna get this third full-length album but whatever, Glassjaw already have enough solid material to play back-to-back for an entire afternoon and you wouldn’t get bored once. Also on that note, they always seem to throw a curveball into their setlists whether it’s the lesser-performed 'Ry Ry’s Song' or a cover of 'Woman' by 108, so there’s always a curious sense of unpredictability about their live performances.

Some people get kinda weird about the lack of audience interaction; Glassjaw get on, do their thing and get off, and that can come off as a little cold, but who needs a “Wassup, New Jerseyyyyyy?!” when you’ve got sexy moves for days? Daryl Palumbo always has serious stage presence without the need to “pump up” the crowd and, regardless of how long their silences last between shows, their sets are always tighter than Faris Badwan’s jeans.

Candy Hearts (Playing: Saturday, May 18th)
Words by Jon Ableson

If you're looking to find your new favorite band over the Skate and Surf weekend, then look no further. Anyone who checks out ATP! on a regular basis knows that we are in love with the NY/NJ quintet, Candy Hearts and, seriously, what is there not to love? Front-woman Mariel Loveland's ridiculously catchy melodies and relatable lyrics that get stuck in your head for weeks, and they put on a heck of a live show.

Make sure you check them while you can now because it won't be long before they are playing bigger
stages and shows.

Saves The Day (Playing: Sunday, May 19th)
Words by Emma Garland

You're waiting on the edge of summer. You're not quite there yet, but it’s within reach, and what better way to welcome it than with your arms outstretched towards pop-punk veterans Saves The Day? 

The New Jersey quartet need no introduction. ‘At Your Funeral’ was everybody’s jam in 2001 and, along with the rest of their back catalogue, remains impossible to not throw down to whenever it comes on. Songs that can retain such a fierce reaction quality for over twelve years are hard to come by.

Saves The Day are the perfect blend of poignant lyrics, ear worm melodies and rousing riffs. They are a hugely significant band for a significantly huge amount of people, and their live shows are a fun reminder of that.

Breathe Carolina (Playing: Sunday, May 19th)
Words by Jordan Wyman

Breathe Carolina are finally getting some fresh air at this year’s Skate and Surf Festival. The Denver duo have been away in Orlando recording their finally titled album Savages. While not in a headlining spot, Breathe Carolina will bring the party to New Jersey the best way they always do. With LED video boards and strobe lights, these guys are going to be the closest thing the festival will get to a rave. Their electro-hardcore sound is loud and in your face.

They describe their anticipated album Savages as going back to their roots. With new songs and their regular set list, it is safe to say there will be nowhere to hide from Josh’s classy synths and Kyle’s classic screams and as someone who has seen them 12 times, I can assure you that you will be entertained.

LIGHTS (Playing: Saturday, May 18th)
Words by Jordan Wyman

In a sea of breakdowns, guitar riffs and bloody noses, there stands the humble little LIGHTS herself. On the heels of an acoustic EP with an accompanying tour, Mrs. Bokan has been riding the river of 2013 with success.

LIGHTS obviously stands out from rest of the lineup, in a good way. She brings her electronic dream-step to the festival giving exceptional diversity to the lineup. The other bands will be the last thing on your mind after watching her. With her synths in one hand and microphone in the other, she has all the tools she needs to make you jump on your toes. Once you find a flux and flow, you’re gonna wish you had a second go at one of her shows. So if great electro/pop/dance music is your thing, then LIGHTS’ set will not disappoint you.

Fall Out Boy (Playing: Saturday May 18th)
Words by Victoria Patneaude

This one is a no brainer, after all, what would be better than celebrating the return of the Skate and Surf festival than with a band who also made their comeback this year. In fact, with what may be the most anticipated return of the year, the Chicago quartet wowed fans when they not only announced that they were coming off hiatus, but that they were releasing an album and doing a headlining tour.

Armed and ready to “save rock and roll” - or at least, to save the fans from their Fall Out Boy dry spell with what may be some of their best music to date - the boys will be serving Skate and Surf goers a high energy performance. Even those who were never particularly fans should try their best to make it out to this performance, because if the video that has hit the internet of the various performances they’ve done thus far are any indication, this is a new and improved Fall Out Boy who will give you a show that you’ll remember. (And maybe we have really high hopes that they’ll pull a crazy stunt and bring Elton John along. We can dream, can’t we?)

Paradise Fears (Playing: Saturday, May 18th)
Words by Victoria Patneaude

As what some may consider the next big thing in the pop-rock scene, Paradise Fears will be taking one of the five Skate and Surf stages on Saturday, and if upbeat tunes are your thing, you’ll want to be there. These self-proclaimed “passion rockers” look to bring energetic music fused with a genuine lyrical message to the stage, and from the looks of it, they’re doing a pretty damn good job of it.

Having already charted on Billboard’s Heatseekers at no. 9 with their 2011 release Yours Truly, they also dropped an EP of cover songs and look to drop another this year before releasing their first studio release. In layman’s terms, 2013 is going to be this South Dakota-based band’s year, starting out with this festival. So whether you be a fan, or are just looking to find a new favorite band while perusing the various S&S stages, put Paradise Fears on the list to check out.

Balance and Composure (Playing: Saturday, May 18th)
Words by Melissa Jones

Doylestown, Pennsylvania’s own Balance & Composure are scheduled to bring their Sunny Day Real Estate-inspired alt-rock-selves to May 18th edition of Skate and Surf, and sharing the spotlight with such contemporaries as Transit and Seahaven is the ultimate way to kick off the Summer 2013 festival/touring season.

Their full-length, Separation, and recent split with Braid -featuring two new tracks (‘You Can’t Fix Me’ and ‘Say’) - reaffirm the previously attained belief that B&C needs to be heard by all; perhaps Skate and Surf will contribute to this notion. Pencil these Pennsylvanians into your Skate and Surf schedules, kids. You shouldn’t miss out.

Issues (Playing: Sunday, May 19th)
Words by Melissa Jones

They’re a couple of misfits with issues, and that’s where they fit in. Assembled by former members of Woe, Is Me, these self-labeled “Black Diamonds” - even naming their debut EP after the idea - will help close out the Skate and Surf festival with the likes of Miss May I, Leathermouth and co-headliner/s Glassjaw and A Day to Remember.

Spending the past few months touring relentlessly with a few of their superiors such as letlive., Pierce the Veil and Of Mice & Men along with their entire summer dedicated to the 2013 Vans Warped Tour is an exhausting schedule for any up-and-coming band. But Issues’ stage presence, incomparable energy and heartfelt delivery can get any willing and open festival-goer completely hooked.

A Day To Remember (Playing: Sunday, May 19th)
Words by Tamsyn Wilce

If you like your mosh with a bit of bounce to it then A Day To Remember should definitely be added to your list of super rad bands to see. Four albums in and with a fifth on its way, there’s no doubt that A Day To Remember will have everyone going ape-shit for tracks such as ‘The Downfall Of Us All,’ The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle’ and their newest track ‘Violence (Enough Is Enough).’

After hibernating away recording the new album for the past couple years, A Day To Remember will be back to make an impact, featuring heavy riffs, poppy chorus’ and a whole lot of chanting for you folks to sing a long to.

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