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ATP! Album Review: Stars In Stereo - S/T

For a band embarking on a major tour this year with the likes of Bullet For My Valentine and Halestorm, there’s a surprising lack of background available on Stars in Stereo. The mystery behind this band is unveiled unfortunately fast once the music starts however. For a band that claims to prove that rock isn’t dead, they conform pretty easily to the recent trends in the genre in general and in female-fronted bands in particular (sadly).

Though the guitars and drums come heavy and fast enough to differentiate them, Stars in Stereo are more Paramore than Halestorm. Their lyrical styles are arguably far superior, and their songs both more complex and energetic, but their music, and particularly Bec’s vocal style is more ‘Misery Business’ than ‘I Get Off.’ Despite that, band evolves past those similarities in a number of interesting ways. The gothic synthesiser riff in ‘Lie Down’ is almost chilling, and both the drum and lead guitar parts are breathtaking at times.

This record is like a pair of expensive shoes in a way. It wears in and becomes more comfortable as the ear begins to know it. Once the bar is set the songs only get better and the music can be appreciated further and further. Although this may catch some people out on the first listen, it sets itself up as a grower, and though its contagious qualities and the undeniable skill of its members, it overcomes its flaws with little more than a shrug.


Edward Strickson

Stars in Stereo is available now via iTunes.

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