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ATP! Live Review: Young Statues - The Barbary Philadelphia, PA (4/7/2013)

Earlier this month, tons of kids lined up early on a Sunday evening, wrapping around the side of the Barbary for the ‘Young New England Tour,’ Young Statues' full U.S. run with Transit and Seahaven. While most seemed to be excited for Transit, I came out (and further put off the paper I had to write that night) to watch Young Statues play just a few days after their new EP, Age Isn’t Ours, dropped. This was my first time seeing the local NJ/Philly band, I had high expectations, and I was anything but let down.

Opening with 'Your Seasons Stays the Same' from their self-titled, the band got right down to business and, by the end of the first song, Young Statues had kids pocketing their iPhones to check out music that they might not have set out to see, but ended up being really glad they did.

With minimal banter between songs, singer Carmen Cirignano engaged the crowed just enough to get a few laughs and continued playing, giving us what we came for. Playing another song off their self-titled and moving into a few new tracks, including 'Eraser,' from their EP, the energy of this band couldn’t be harder to ignore.

Selectively choosing the more dance-able, upbeat, crowed pleasers and leaving out their slower, more depressing tunes, their set - and more specifically, their new tracks - left me excited for warm weather and how fitting this new release will be for drives to the shore this summer.

The band ended with 'Spacism,' a song that summarizes their ability to create music that can put a smile on your face while simultaneously making you incredibly sad, and then another new song off the EP.

If you haven’t been out to see them on this tour and you’re lucky enough that you haven’t missed them, make sure to catch them in your city. If you haven’t purchased the new EP, change that, because you’re missing out. Incorporating tambourine, vocals from the other band members and an all-around stronger, more confident sound, these 6 tracks are perfect for the indie-pop lover in all of us, and their live shows are the perfect prelude to summer.

Kelsey Nielsen

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