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ATP! Presents: Nothing Cool Rhymes With Mindy (May 2013)

Well it's May now, which means that Justin Timberlake "It's gonna be May" joke was recently just worn out all over again. I wanted to use it too, but I fought myself not to... haha. Anyway, since it's finally becoming a beautiful Spring, I thought it's the perfect time to talk about my favorite beauty items, as well as some clothing, music, and snacks!

Beauty: LUSH Celestial Moisturizer - Look guys, I know y'all aren't the biggest on buying beauty products, but this stuff will save your face from looking like Gandalf when you're 35. No offense Gandalf. It's my favorite moisturizer ever, and great for anyone with sensitive/dry/combination skin. It smells like you're putting a Vanilla Milkshake on your face. (,en_US,pd.html).

The BALM Honey Face & Body Primer - Okay dudes, this one might not be for you, This is a perfect primer for anyone/any skin type. It's so silky-soft with the tiniest bit of sparkle to it. But, don't worry, you don't see any sparkle once you apply it. I used to rock a sparkle face in 5th grade and well, let's just say I had a hard time fitting in. This primer naturally brightens your face, creates a perfect canvas for foundation or powder, and keeps your make up all day long. I love it! (

Clothing: It's getting warmer out, but not quite warm enough to rock daisy dukes and spaghetti straps, unless you're real brave and/or crazy, so let's talk about Kimonos. Never heard of them? I hadn't either before I discovered Arnhem Clothing in Australia. I've been obsessed with the brand ever since! They make these beautiful "shrugs" i'll call them, that can be worn with literally any outfit/dress. They have tons of prints, colors, and cuts. Check them out! (

Some call me the Snack Queen. Ok, maybe that's a self-proclaimed nickname but it's true. Lately I'm obsessed with VAN'S Gluten Free Crackers. Seriously, if you don't know what Gluten-free is it's basically non-wheat/gluten based crackers loaded with oats, brown rice, millet, quinoa and amaranth. Maybe those ingredients are unfamiliar to you... just trust me on this, they taste the exact same as regular crackers but WAY BETTER and much better for you. (

May's Mixtape: I find it hard to listen to new music unless I literally accidentally stumble across it. I have a habit of only listening to 90s, oldies, pop, & classic rock. But I know there are some incredible newer bands/albums out there so I started a search and found some amazing songs.

"I Stand Alone" - Theophilis London
"Swaeter Weather" The Neighbourhood
"Happiness" - Sam Sparrow
"Ghost" - Sir Sly
"Slow Cruel Hands of Time" - Band of Horses "Noises" - Mike Mains and the Branches
"Bones" - MS MR
"Get Lucky" - Daft Punk ft. Pharrell
"Everything You Know" - Happy Body Slow Brain
"Recover" - CHVRCHES
"Baby I'm Yours" - Breakbot ft. Irfane

Thanks for reading, yall! Make sure to follow me on Twitter @MindyWhite and tweet me your favorite items/music/products and maybe get mentioned in next month's blog! ;)

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