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ATP! Album Review: Citizen - Youth

Following on from other recent Run for Cover releases, Citizen’s Youth is an impressive collection of grunge-tinged punk songs ripe and ready for summer.

Rollicking opener 'Roam the Room' is an aggressive start to an album that gets steadily more introspective as it progresses. Symbols crash around driven, distorted guitars, giving way to a calmer, melodic chorus - a recurring theme of Youth. The mixture of aggression and melody to create sad songs that are curiously fitting for these warmer months. These are twilight songs for the lingering heat at the end of the day, reflective yet confident, content.

This is particularly evident on ‘The Summer,’ the duality even more pronounced through the use of vocal layering. The contrast is reminiscent of more recent Brand New, softer vocals underpinning louder styles, the two switching leads as the mood of the song changes.

While lyrically reflective and introspective, ever-insistent bass and drums keep the tempo of the songs consistent and upbeat, even in slower moments, and ensure that the songs never get too indulgent.

There is a real nostalgic emo feel to the whole album in much the same way that Title Fight’s Floral Green and Basement’s Colourmeinkindness had last year, as Daylight and Turnover’s recent releases. Citizen’s approach is more direct, more straightforward but no less effective. Their breezy punk is the perfect mixture of laid back and demanding and is an ideal soundtrack for summer.


James Tremain

Youth is out now digitally and can be purchased for only $5 through BandcampCD/vinyl on June 11th via Run For Cover Records.

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