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ATP! Album Review: Cloakroom - Infinity

It’s not very often that you stumble across an album that is the complete opposite of uplifting but still manages to keep you enticed from start to finish.

Cloakroom’s Infinity is a sound unlike any other, with its genre of stoner metal mixed with experimental sounds of midwestern emo and punk. The lyrics and vocals are somber, the arrangements haunting and balanced beautifully between nostalgia and originality.

'Sedimentary,' pulls you in with the crashing sounds of the drums and soft vocals while the last track of the album, 'Mynd Funeral,' is more instrumental than lyrical. The melodies in between each track either keep the listener fixated - as if in any moment the music may change drastically - or at times question whether it drags on too far.

It’s not a sound for everyone, but for those who appreciate this genre and can hear the layers of different instruments recorded within each track, this album is for you. Brooklyn Vegan described their sound as “…the point in the ’90s when slowcore and emo crossed paths,” which gives you the sound that Cloakroom was looking for.

These former members of Grown Ups and Region have left their previous sounds behind and have come together to create an entirely new genre, and so far it’s working for them.


Gina Catalano

Infinity is available now via Run For Cover.

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