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ATP! Album Review: Paradise Fears - Battle Scars EP

Who needs a record label when you can make a successful record on your own? Paradise Fears certainly doesn't. In less than a day they were able to climb the iTunes chart in both alternative and overall with their brand-new EP, Battle Scars, proving that this band is ready and capably of taking over the world single handedly.

The eight tracks that make up Battle Scars range from the classic sound of Paradise Fears ('Battle Scars') to a newer pop sound ('Lullaby') and a touch of R&B ('Fought for Me'). If that isn’t good enough, there’s even a surprise in the last track, 'Battle Scars (Reprise)'. (Spoiler alert: It’s Brian Dales of The Summer Set.) (Second spoiler alert: It’s great.)

The intro sets the tone for the EP, setting forth the remaining tracks that make you proud to be a fan of these six guys from South Dakota. The dedication and hard work gone into this album can literally be heard in every note, every line. The strong presence of the variety of instruments and inspirational lyrics helps the record tell its story, which is a powerful one. The different sounds illustrate that this record has no set genre – which can either be taken as the band isn’t sure who they want to be or that they can pull off any genre they’d try. From the reaction of its audience, it’s definitely the latter of the two. This band has been able to pull off everything they’ve tried and with the support of their fans there’s nothing they can’t do.


Gina Catalano

Battle Scars is out now.

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