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ATP! Presents: Mariel's Closet (June 2013)

Our very own beauty and style guru Mariel Loveland is back, with her latest monthly installment of "Mariel's Closet".

Each month, Mariel will be speaking about DIY fashion, beauty tips and style inspiration. Do you know any totally awesome DIY fashion projects or must-know beauty tips? Drop Mariel an e-mail at and your idea could be featured in next month's column!

I'm so excited that it's finally summer! That means NO MORE having to constantly freeze and my outfits can go from a miserable amount of layers and no style to showing the fact that I have a body under all those sweatshirts and scarves somewhere. Every summer there is one tank top I will live in. Last summer it was my awesome, comfortable Diamond Youth tank that matched literally everything I own. This summer it will be my Born & Bred tank top! I love Born & Bred so much, so I was thrilled when they asked me to help them with their brand new girls' line. Their clothes are such high quality basics, that they should be a staple in everyone's wardrobe.

Anyway, we came up with the In Bloom tank together - an amalgamation of my favorite things: girly colors like seafoam green and pink, dogs, flowers and cute script. It's my whole style wrapped into one and it fees like a dream and is so soft I could wear it all day everyday. I decided to put together some of my favorite ways to wear it and show you guys!

This first look is pretty much how I go around all summer. I love mixing textures and patterns like sequins and heather. This outfit, to me, is a great way to make dressier items a bit more casual because summer is totally casual - at least the way I live during it. I have nowhere to wear fancier things, especially because it's likely a million and a half degrees in that windowless basement where the show is happening, so mixing and matching band/graphic tees with nicer skirts and sneakers is a perfect fit in my opinion.
Born and Bred Tank

I'm obsessed with denim jackets and beanies, but when it's summer I need a replacement because those just don't work. I've made a real effort to utilize the denim vest. Sure, it's really easy to look like you're trying to hard but when you get it just right it looks so darn cool. I think they look particularly good with tank tops because you really get the full effect of the sleevelessness. Also, I'm really into low-top style doc martens at the moment. It's totally '90s riot girl/goth and I remember having a cool pair with rainbow threading when I was a little kid and they were my favorite shoes.

Born and Bred - 2

This last outfit is...well, I'll be honest I never workout. I hate working out. But I do basically live in casual workout clothes during the summer. It's kind of scrubby but I'll wear that around my house all day, out to run errands, and then I'll end up falling asleep in it at night. Whatever! Let me live. If you're the type who likes to workout, I wish I could be you, but until then I'll just wear the clothes and pretend like I'm going to get fit.

Born and Bred - 3

Check out for this tank and some other awesome graphic tees. I promise you, you won't regret it.

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