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We Are The In Crowd To Release New Single This Month

We Are The In Crowd have announced they will be releasing a brand new single this month!

A message from vocalist Tay Jardine can be found below.

"Many of you have been curious about what we were up to in LA this week and it was so hard to keep it a secret.. and not instagram every minute of it haha. So here it is: We decided to head into the studio early just for you and record a brand new single that none of you have heard yet! It will be released later this month so stay posted!!

Best Intentions has been out for 2 years now! That’s a long life for our first record and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that. The least we could do is release a new song in return!

We are so happy and proud of the new music we’ve been writing together. When you hear this single for the first time we want you to feel that connection, we want you to remember where you were the first time you heard it and find that place or time where you then listen to it most. I have no doubt you wont feel what we felt as the five of us sat in a room together this year to write it. I’m very excited to announce this! We are proud of all of you for your continuous support. So here’s to another amazing, and exciting record cycle with you weirdos!

xo Tay

Ps- my sea monkeys had like a million babies while I was away recording this song— I’m not sure how I should take that yet. But they’re still alive!"

Alter The Press!