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A Day To Remember Self-Releasing New Album 'Common Courtesy'

A Day To Remember have confirmed in a new interview with AltPress they will be self-releasing their new album, Common Courtesy."

An excerpt from the article can be found below. The band's long-awaited full-length drops on October 8th.

Dates for ADTR's upcoming tour with All Time Low and Pierce The Veil can be found here.

You revealed in Episode 1 of Common Courtesy: The Series that the record will be out October 8. There are rumors circulating that the album will be self-released. What can you tell us about how the record will be released?
I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really know. I see all over the internet and music sites, people are saying, “Oh, this is going to ruin their career, there’s no preorder up, they’re stupid, they’ll never be the big band they could have been,” etc. How about this: I’m not going to allow someone to sit on my career and ruin what may be our best album for people. Fans want our music.

As of last week, we got the final master. I was telling people forever that the record wasn’t finished, wasn’t mastered and wasn’t mixed. It’s finally done. They’re going to start pressing it pretty soon. We’re doing it ourselves, that’s all I can say. We have a system set up where we will distribute the record when we’re allowed to, but someone is trying to stop us from doing that. We announced that we were going to put out the album, and immediately, someone tried to take that from us. We knew that we had to, though. If we don’t put it out, it could end our career.

People move on and I don’t blame them. The situation is what it is. For us in A Day To Remember right now, it isn’t about what everyone else is thinking in the public. It isn’t about our first-week sales. It’s about how many we sell in the long run, how much people care and how much people like this album. That’s what it’s about. We don’t give a shit about being the biggest band in the scene with the big first week. We’ve sold a good amount of records and had good first weeks before. We have a loyal fanbase that supports us and, in our opinion, all that matters is getting the people who care about our music the new record. We’re going to do that in any way we can. We don’t care if we have to put out an album the day of October 8 and it’s only available digitally. Whatever we have to do to get these people this music, we will do. We want to put our music out, and we want to go out on the road and tour on it.

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