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All Time Low To Leak New Song Clip Tonight

All Time Low have announced they will be leaking a clip of a brand new song tonight (September 9th) at 7pm EST / 4pm PST!

A message from frontman Alex Gaskarth can be viewed below.

"Jack and I have failed you all this week, folks. Apologies all around, but we couldn’t make Full Frontal happen without the rest of the team! We will commence with season 2 when we get out on the road next week, and we’ll be able to keep up with it from there on out, as we traverse the US on the House Party Tour! That being said, you guys did an amazing job of repeatedly watching our newest video for A Love Like War, and we just about hit 1 million views (may well reach the goal tonight, less than 50k away)! So, in keeping with our promise, at 7pm EST tonight, we’re going to leak a clip of another new song for y’all to blog about!! Thanks for understanding, and I hope you guys enjoy the clip. Stay tuned!"

Alter The Press!