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ATP! Album Review: Echosmith - Talking Dreams

From YouTube cover videos to a highly anticipated debut album, Alternative Press wasn’t joking when they named indie-pop quartet Echosmith one of their “100 Bands You NeedTto Know”.

Formerly operating under the name 'Ready, Set, Go!', the band from Southern California is composed of four siblings – Graham, Sydney, Noah and Jamie – whose ages range from 14-20. Don’t let their age fool you, though, their musical background is more than satisfactory. They’ve been backed by Warner Bros Records since their name change in 2012 and have received nothing but positive live reviews from those who were able to catch their set this summer on Warped Tour or with Owl City on the Midsummer Station Tour.

Echosmith have, without a doubt, crafted a strong debut album that is sure to grab everyone’s attention. With ballads like “Surround You” and “Bright” to catchy tunes like “March into the Sun,” this 12-track release has a song for everyone. The beginning notes of “Come Together” sound almost Disney-esque before exploding into an array of harmonized drum beats and guitar riffs, followed by flawless vocals. The standout track, “Cool Kids,” keeps an up-tempo beat with a catchy chorus that chants “I wish I could be like the cool kids cuz all the cool kids, they seem to fit in.” In between those songs are a balanced mixture of indie and pop with lyrics that are relatable to any age demographic.

It’s evident that each member is skilled in their craft despite their age and that they have perfected their indie-pop sound. Each track on Talking Dreams has a unique and infectious sound that brings out the band’s attitudes and musical inspirations.

Echosmith may just be getting started, but if this is what they compose right from the start then they are going nowhere but up.


Gina Catalano

Talking Dreams will be released on October 8th via Warner Bros.

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