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ATP! Album Review: Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time

The wait is finally over and Sky Ferreira’s Night Time, My Time has arrived to the party. It’s sporting a foggy bathroom mirror and grungy green tile with a nipple accent to tie the cover together. Her expression may seem aggressive and uninviting, but let’s take a look behind that rough exterior to reveal the story of a woman simply fighting for everything she wants.

‘Boys’ rocked a spike-studded denim vest decked out in the perfect combination of adoration and fuzz. Ferreira’s whimsical vocals open the album perfectly contrasting the harsh distortion coming from the background.

Perfectly leading in to the anger fueled ‘Ain’t Your Right.’ Decked out in the same fuzz we heard earlier, Ferreira took a more subdued approach to her singing to compliment the gloom-toned lyrics of the track. Only to quickly flip to glistening synths and passionate vocals in ’24 Hours.’ The balance of twinkling vocals and grungy synths on Night Time, My Time are what’s going to make it pop this season (on top of the tasteful nip-slip).

Ferreira wants to make something clear, you’re choices are join her for the ride or get out of her way. “How could you know what it feels like to fight the hounds of hell? / You think you know me so well” Ferreira chants at a mysterious party. ‘I Blame Myself’ revealed the struggle Ferreira went through to make Night Time, My Time a reality. She wants to take the steering wheel of her career to give her image a sense of individuality in a sea of egos that will do just about anything for a headline. Night Time, My Time sounds like nothing you’ll find at Best Buy or Target because it accessorizes in a glamorous filth that adds to the twistedly beautiful ensemble we’ve heard so far.

‘You’re Not The One’ stepped out as probably the brightest gem on the record. Ferreira’s vocals were dripping with raw emotion while accompanied with a Twin Shadow reminiscent guitar. You can’t help but let out any feelings you have about those assholes that tried to push you around. It’s honestly surprising this track isn’t getting burnt out on some radio station’s rotation somewhere. Ferreira spilt her emotions on the dance-floor and glided over them with the “Fuck you, whatever” attitude we’ve heard this entire album. She even continues this act in “Heavy Metal Heart”. Tight leather pants and heated vocals are sewn together with Ferreira’s authenticity by her hands that grabbed full control of her creative process.

A nice theme on the record was the feeling that most of the songs could have been the soundtracks to a steamy John Hughes film. The tracks aren’t low quality, but have grit to them. Tracks like ‘I Will’ and even ’24 Hours’ could be transported to 1984 and they would have given Madonna competition. It is refreshing to listen to an album that sticks to a cohesive sound and doesn’t try to wagon on every trend in modern music.

If it isn’t obvious by now, Sky Ferreira doesn’t like to stay on any genre too long. As If! was Ghost’s innocent younger sister and Night Time, My Time is the mother that shows them how it’s done. ‘Love In Stereo’ was another one of those dazzling gems that caught my ear by surprise. Dreamy synths, peaceful vocals, and a subtle Justice sample came together as a break from all of the dark obstacles Ferreira was dealing with earlier. A claim could be made that DIIV’s Zachary Cole had something to do with this sudden mood, and if so, I don’t think the stuffed bears at the drug store can top that level of cute. All of this led up to the droning sound of the finale title track ‘Night Time, My Time.’ The final piece of Ferreira’s collection that mixed the sultry vocals and dark electronics that filled the record from start to finish.

Sky Ferreira’s Night Time, My Time is not one that should be scrolled over on the iTunes “New Music” section. Ferreira is one of the man few artists that know what they want and will fight to get it. While the grungy electro may not be for everyone, the idea of giving the finger to someone who has tried to mess with you is something we can all relate to.


Jordan Wyman

Night Time, My Time is available now via Capitol Records.

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