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ATP! Presents: Nothing Cool Rhymes With Mindy (November 2013)

Happy November!

Since it's November, the month of the very special "Thankful" Holiday, I feel like switching up the monthly column... writing not about products that I'm currently loving, but about "Things To Be Thankful For This Month."

Thankful for: Scarves

So, now that it's finally Fall, it's getting chilly out there. We're all excited for scarves, hoodies, coats, and beanies, but have you seen the ULTIMATE scarf? I'll give you a hint, it's awesome. I present to you, the Pizza Scarf:

Thankful for: Coffee Mugs

In the morning, the last thing you want is a conversation. But you need to get your brain moving. You need the gift of life... coffee. But while your coffee's slowly working through your veins, why not really get your brain going with some Tetris ...ON YOUR MUG.

Thankful for: Technology on Cellphones 

Think of all of those situations when you've needed to pass the time lurking Twitter, Snapchatting ridiculously dumb faces and videos to your friends, or screening your calls from pesky relatives and awkward acquaintances...Your phone has been there. Thanksgiving is a big time for holiday stress. Thankfully, with the technology we now have, we can see (and ignore) who's blowing us up. Crude? Maybe. Helpful? Yes. Awesome? Totally. Zack Morris would be jealous? 100%.

Thankful for: Cat Pictures

We all do it. We all find ourselves laughing at, emailing, texting, memeing, Cat app-ing, and even printing out (yes, I've seen it) cat pictures. So, why do we love them so much? There's just something hilariously entertaining about cats. Maybe it's because they come across as such sassy know-it-alls, so we love to see them doing dumb things.

Thankful for: House Robes

I think House robes are one of the most overlooked, unappreciated things we as humans own. I mean, without them, we would have to go straight from bed, to normal clothes. Without them, we wouldn't know true comfort on a Sunday morning. Without them, we'd be left stranded in the bathroom until we have to make the 50-yard dash down to the hall closet because we mistakenly forgot to grab a towel before. You're going to be around tons of awkward relatives this Holiday. Why not spark up conversation with the best robe that money can buy, The Chewbacca Robe.

Don't forget, real big reasons to be Thankful this month: 11th - Veteran's Day, 17th - World Peace Day, and 28th - Thanksgiving.

November Mixtape:

"Radar Detector" - Darwin Deez
"Bangs" - Brick + Mortar
"Youth" - Foxes
"All Those Friendly People" - Funeral Suits
"Animals" - Martin Garrix
"Dance The Pain Away" - Benny Benassi ft. John Legend
"Your Eyes" - Bombay Bicycle Club
"Hesher" - Wallpaper.
"Big Red Dragon" - Little Green Cars
"Terrible Things" - Brick + Mortar

As always, thanks for reading! Make sure to send me your favorite topics, products, pictures, brands, songs via Twitter @MindyWhite!

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