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Best Coast To Begin Recording New Album This Week with Butch Walker

Best Coast have revealed they will begin recording their third full-length album this week with producer Butch Walker.

An excerpt from a new interview with Rolling Stone discussing inspirations for the album can be found below.

What are some of those inspirations you have in mind right now?
I would say that this record, at least right now the way we've been demoing and the way I've been writing, is a lot more inspired by the Nineties and a lot less inspired by the Sixties. The first record was super Sixties, the second record was really Seventies and this one is going to be really Nineties. I don't know if that's because I'm obsessed with the Nineties, but I started listening to a lot of Nineties stuff when we did Fade Away and I was really happy with that EP and those songs. I felt like I wanted to almost do something that was an extension of that, almost like that EP is leading you in to our new record.

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