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ATP! Presents: Nothing Cool Rhymes With Mindy (December 2013)

So with December here, you're about to endure some INTENSE family time. We're talkin' cheek-squeezing, kid-overload, Christmas sing-a-long-ing family time. And you LOVE your family more than anything, but with your long school/work week, your crappy fast-food diet, the freezing aggravating cold weather... the Holidays have you straight up feeling run-down and stressed out. It's time to prepare for the holidays the right way with some self-indulging gifts. I have the perfect goodies to treat yo-self (or your loved ones) with:

Virtually ANYTHING from Glamour Kills

Glamour Kills has been a favorite line of mine for a while now. I first discovered them while touring on Warped Tour. Ever since then, they've majorly grown and can now be found in stores and boutiques everywhere. GK is great because they have something for everyone. The cat lover, the punk rocker, the girly-fun dresser. They even created a "Death Before Decaf" coffee mug (my favorite)! GK was kind enough to send me a ton of goodies from their Winter line, pictured below (THANK YOU GK!!) Shop now to find awesome gifts, for yourself ...orrrr maybe someone else :)

Soap & Glory's "Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em" Body Scrub

Sometimes, a shower is the only bit of peace and quiet we can get these days. You gotta appreciate those times, and make them extra special with the right shower products. "Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em" by Soap & Glory is one of those products. It's an exfoliating body scrub made with mandarin and jojoba oils, scented with their signature fragrance. It's going to get off those dead skin cells and leave your body refreshed and moisturized! Looking for a great gift? Soap & Glory is the perfect spot to shop. Go now!

Lily's Chocolate Bars

Let's be honest. Around the holidays we crave more and more sweets. And it's totally acceptable to eat what you want, and not worry about sugar or caloric intake because...Well, we have layers and won't be back in a swimsuit for a few months. But what if there were a chocolate bar that you could enjoy and not feel bad about, because it's actually not bad for you?! Too good to be true? NO! Lily's Chocolate bars are made with Stevia as a sweetener instead of real sugar (even real sugar can lead to weight gain and major illnesses). Unlike artificial sweeteners normally used to reduce calories in foods, Stevia a natural way to sweeten and totally safe/tasty. If you're a chocoholic like me and just can't say no, get yourself some Lily's chocolates and indulge. Plus, Chocolate is the perfect stocking stuffer for your loved ones!

Minnetonka Moccasin

What could every person on your list use? A pair of new Moccasins. Yes, it's true. And not just any pair, Minnetonka brand. Even if they don't normally wear them, I promise, they'll love you afterwards. I got my first pair of Minnetonka shoes from a random Goodwill purchase because they were vintage-looking and had that insanely soft old-lady-comfort feel to them. Turns out they were they most awesome Goodwill find ever. They're most comfy shoes I own to this day. Minnetonka makes way more than the normal moccasins, featuring 2 and 3-layer fringe boots along with moccasin heels! Seriously, shop and try out a pair and tell me they're not the most comfy-fun shoes you own!

For my December Mixtape, I'm going to be TOTALLY selfish and just leave you with our new album, "Paradigm." Hope that's not totally douchey of me. I'm just super excited for the release and hope y'all enjoy it :)

Buy "Paradigm" HERE!

1) Circle
2) I Hope You Stay Gone
3) The Night
4) Fever
5) Summer Love
6) Bones
7) Erase It All
8) Electric Mind
9) All In My Head
10) Running Awake
11) Absolute

Thanks for reading, and have the Happiest Christmas.

Xo Mindy

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