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ATP! Presents: Via KayTop (December 2013)

Dear Internet,

It's the holiday season, and you know what that means! Peppermint flavored coffee ads on every street corner, snow covering our beautiful green earth with a comfortable white blanket to keep her warm, comparing your neighbors sear's decorations to your chanel decor, and last but not least, SHOPPING! ‘Tis the season to take advantage of every sale your eyes stumble upon. You may even find yourself downloading apps for coupons and spending more time shopping online than on tumblr.

(This next line should be said like the narrator from Spongebob Squarepants) Ah, christmas time... the best time of the year.

The holidays hold different meanings for everybody, but I think it's safe to say that giving is a huge part of it. Should you really follow your routine and buy that overpriced skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks each morning when that money could be applied to gifts for your loved ones? You budget, stress, budget, and stress some more. Thankfully the internet has made shopping a lot easier - we even have our credit card and bank apps to keep tabs on our finances. Day in and day out, I hear elderly people complaining that “the internet is taking over our world!” They roll their eyes at the term 'cyber monday,' and, although I do understand (to a point) where they're coming from, there are still plenty of people keeping to the old holiday shopping tradition, and paying a visit to the mall. Holiday mall shoppers are a diverse breed, each one on a similar mission. It's their christmas spirit that unites them, and one can only hope they're rightfully spreading their christmas cheer to the people who deserve it most. I'm talking about those kids working retail. That's right, defend retail employees! Here's a list to ponder on your next christmas shopping experience:

1.) it's not their fault your coupon expired yesterday
2.) they don't set the prices
3.) their boss is probably just as much of a prick as yours
4.) it's not their fault your girlfriend or boyfriend has been dragging you around all day to your least favorite stores
5.) it's not their fault they sold out of the product you were looking for
6.) they're trying to get the long line of people in front of you out of the way as fast as possible - trust me, they're not price checking 12 items at a time for their health
and most important thing to remember is
7.) don't forget that these people are students, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, humans! Just working to better themselves and support their family. you've seen the holiday mall crowds, they don't get paid enough for the verbal jabs handed to them each day.

NOTE: This list can also be applied to wait staff.

It’s the holidays people! Be nice to each other, you don't know their story just like they don't know yours. Stay safe and Happy Holidays!

- Via KayTop

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