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Hayley Williams' New Hair Dye Line In The Early Stages

Hayley Williams recently revealed she is planning to release her own hair dye line.

Earlier today (January 20th), the singer posted an update regarding the project via her personal Tumblr account.

You can read about the current status of Hayley's new endeavor below.

"Just wanna make clear that, yesssss, I am in fact in the early stages of creating a hair dye line… However, the rumor that I am teaming up with Manic Panic to do it is not true. Their dyes are rad and the company as a whole is a massive source of inspiration for me. Don’t want Manic Panic folks thinking that I’m using their name to get ahead.. Awkward!

This is gonna be my thing! 100% my vision and I’m pretty psyched about it. Still a long way to go but I’m working hard and cannot wait to really be at a point where I can share more. Anyway, I just wanted to clear all that up. Thanks for the excitement/enthusiasm. Only makes me more excited!"

Alter The Press!