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Justin Bieber's Arrest - Over 4 Million Tweets In 24 Hours

According to data provided by Timeline Labs, more than 4.28 million messages were sent on Twitter in the 24 hours following the arrest of Justin Bieber.

The singer's arrest was first reported on Twitter yesterday (January 23rd) at 4.55am, by the Miami Beach Police’s official Twitter account. At one point, nine of the ten overall worldwide trending topics were related to Bieber.

You can check out the list of the ten most popular hashtags used on Twitter yesterday, including the number of mentions each one had, below.

1. #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin (596,783)
2. #FreeBieber (138,304)
3. #DeportBieber (86,842)
4. #MonstersSupportBeliebers (43,214)
5. #beliebers (42,829)
6. #freejustinbieber (33,544)
7. #breaking (30,982)
8. #mugshot (14,485)
9. #breakingnews (13,679)
10. #reallife (13,196)

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