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Frankie Muniz No Longer Drummer For Kingsfoil

Former Malcolm In The Middle star Frankie Muniz has announced he will no longer be drumming for the Pennsylvania rock band, Kingsfoil.

A message from Frankie can be found below.

"Very sad to announce that Feb 7th at the University of Wyoming was my final show performing as the drummer of Kingsfoil. Due to scheduling conflicts in the coming months, the guys in the band decided to replace me as the drummer a few weeks ago. Although I'm sad about not being a part of the band, I understand their decision and support them moving forward!

I want to thank all my fans and the fans of Kingsfoil for supporting me while I got to live out one of my dreams. Playing drums in a touring rock band was incredible, and I will remember the times I was lucky enough to experience forever!

I've been extremely fortunate to be a part of some amazing things in my life. As an actor, race car driver and musician, I couldn't ask for a better first 28 years of my life! That being said, look for some exciting news from me in the next couple of weeks... that may include another NEW CAREER path I'm embarking in!"

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