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Mikey Way: "The End Of My Chemical Romance Was Like The Passing Of A Family Member"

Mikey Way has spoken out in a new interview saying the end of My Chemical Romance was like "the passing of a family member."

You can read what Mikey had to say about how the end of the band affected him below.

My Chemical Romance announced their split in March 2013.

"I was going through it. It was sad, like the passing of a family member," said Way. "But over time I got great joy and pleasure from reflecting. I was able to truly put on some songs and be like, 'Wow, we really did something. We cracked the heavens.' With MCR we were so busy. I was never able to stop and smell the roses, or evaluate myself completely. That's what the past year was all about. I was able to dig deep inside myself and become the man I always wanted to be."

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