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ATP! Album Review: The Cab - Lock Me Up EP

After a long three-year wait since Symphony Soldier was released in 2011, The Cab are finally back with new music. With their new EP, Lock Me Up, the band seems poised to complete the radio takeover that started with “Bounce,” “Bad” and “La La.”

The EP opens with the title track, thumping like a marching army (fitting since their fans call themselves Symphony Soldiers). Vocalist Alexander DeLeon croons the verses while the chorus is a gang vocal telling a lucky lady to lock him up with love.

The second song, “Moon,” is probably the catchiest one on the EP. With a pulsing dance beat and a sing-along chorus filled with “oohs,” it seems like the best bet to take off on the radio. Though with the level of catchiness on this EP, I’d bet on any of them doing well.

The last three songs definitely evoke a Justin Timberlake vibe, particularly the closer “These Are The Lies.” They’re a bit slower, mid-tempo songs that showcase Alex’s smooth vocals, while the choruses and hooks have a funky, fast-paced almost rap-sounding style of singing that I don’t think The Cab have ever used before. It’s interesting and makes the songs different than a normal slow jam.

Alex’s voice just seems to get better with each release they put out. His silky voice nails the poppier/R&B influenced sound that the band have developed with this EP and this release gives him a chance to showcase how well he can sing in different styles.

With the exception of the positive anthem “Stand Up,” this is a collection of epic love songs. “Numbers” says “out of seven billion people, baby, you’re the only one,” while “These Are The Lies” talks about not being able to deal without the one that got away. “Moon” is telling a girl he’s going to take her body there and “Locked Up” shows a powerful love that he never wants to be free from.

Overall, Lock Me Up definitely shows a different band than previous releases. They’ve embraced the pop side of Symphony Soldier and mixed in some R&B influences. While it may be a turn-off for fans of the Whisper War era, the new sound is definitely working for them. Hopefully a full-length release follows soon, giving the band a chance for more variety and expansion with it.


Lauren Jones

Lock Me Up is available now via Republic Records.

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