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ATP! Album Review: MisterWives - Reflections EP

MisterWives, a New York City-based five-piece, is hard to pin down. Their latest release, an EP called Reflections, is a joyful exploration into multiple genres, meshing together pop and funk with a dash of R&B and rock. The beats are infectious and Mindy Lee’s lyrics are full to the brim with sweet and sour vivacity. For a debut EP, Reflections is so coherent – colorfully so, but coherent nonetheless – that it’s hard to ignore the fact MisterWives is capable of climbing to the top of the pop world.

From the simmering instrumentation at the opening track, “Twisted Tongues,” Reflections is a non-stop ride of lush, golden music. The six tracks seem to almost be capable of bottling sunshine and glitter, giving it a good shake, and then handing out the unique mixture to listeners with open arms. Lee’s voice is so delightfully groovy and her register fits the group’s synth-filled, upbeat sound perfectly. The other band members are far from slouches, steadily keeping up with Lee’s enormous dose of talent, delivering incredible work in the form of guitar riffs and dance-able beats.

Just because Reflections as a whole depicts a bright mindset doesn’t mean MisterWives can’t write intelligent lyrics, because they certainly can – the achingly lovely “Coffins” is evidence. The soft, lilting keyboard introduces a more somber feel, accented by lyrics like “I gave / my love / that you / went and sold.” It’s an important moment of the album, showing that MisterWives is far from a one-trick pony (just in case it was ever actually in doubt.) “Kings and Queens” nicely picks the pace back up, again demonstrating the group’s seemingly innate ability to create lush, infectious beats. The chorus is a fast-paced joyride of funk and pop.

Simply put, MisterWives is quite incredible and certainly has both the capacity and the talent to take over the pop world. But even more impressively than that, Reflections draws on so many different kinds of music, making it an appealing sound to listeners from a wide array of genres. The EP is a fearless foray, shimmering with life and featuring more than enough talent to propel MisterWives to the top of the charts.


Victoria Mier

Reflections is available now via Photo Finish Records.

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