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ATP! Interview: The Cab

After what seemed like the longest wait ever for fans, The Cab released new music on April 29th, deemed “The Cab Day.” Social media blew up with teaser clips posted on Instagram and Twitter, and fans finally got what they were waiting for with the Lock Me Up EP.

Though seeming relatively inactive, The Cab’s vocalist, Alexander DeLeon says they’ve been doing a lot behind the scenes these past three years. “We signed the deal with Universal Republic records, which we’re really excited about,” DeLeon says. The Cab’s first full-length, Whisper War was released on Fueled By Ramen while 2011’s Symphony Soldier was released independently. “We spent a year kind of writing music and working with Universal. They really care about the band and the future of the band.”

Though it may have seemed like a long wait for new music, DeLeon thinks they took the right amount of time. “I just don’t believe in rushing art. I don’t believe in rushing music because that’s when you’re going to release your mediocre work. As an artist, you don’t want people to see the mediocrity.” The Cab picked a select five songs for the EP. Those songs will also be on an upcoming full length along with “a bunch more songs.”

DeLeon says picking favorites off the new EP is extremely hard and that he loves them all for different reasons. “Stand Up” is a favorite to perform live, while “Numbers” means a lot because of the memories behind the song. “These Are The Lies” is another standout that surprised him. “These Are The Lies” is one of the first songs written for the EP. It kind of stood its ground for a year and a half, which is extremely rare. For me it’s one of the songs I’m most proud of as a songwriter, because it’s a song with a twist in the chorus…it’s probably the coolest piece of music I’ve ever written.”

The inspirations behind this EP came from many things like personal relationships and witnessing other people living out their lives. The biggest influence, though, came from just being able to live like a normal person and not as a touring band member. “It was remembering how to live a normal life, a life that didn’t involve a tour bus or waking up in a different city every day or forgetting what it’s like to have normal relationships with people outside of your band. I felt more inspired than I have in a really long time, just being able to live that life that people can relate to. I got to have my heart broken, I got to break hearts, I got to fall in love, I got to travel a little bit, but everything that I did was what I wanted to do.”

The Cab has a history of having a bunch of lineup changes. Most recently, one of their longtime members, Alex Marshall, decided to leave the band. DeLeon doesn’t think it’ll be an issue for the band, though DeLeon and the guys wish the best for Marshall. “I don’t think it effects the band’s future at all. Obviously it was really, really nice having Alex Marshall in the band. He’s extremely talented and at one point he was one of my best friends. He had a lot to do with The Cab’s success, but we’ve never been slowed down before and I think the vision is stronger than it’s ever been.”

DeLeon continues on the growth and change of the band that’s happened in the past few years. “I know who we are as a band and as artists more than I’ve ever known. I feel like we’re finally grown up. We’re not green, we’re not that young band anymore.”

The band is excited about what’s to come for the rest of 2014. “There’s going to be a full album coming and the EP was just a taste. When the full album is done, which should be pretty soon, we’re going to hit the road. It’s been awhile and we miss the fans.” DeLeon can’t stress enough about how dedicated The Cab is to their fan base and how thankful they are for how much the fans have done for them. “Everything we do is for the fans, every face in every crowd, and we just can’t wait to see them and hopefully hear them singing the new songs back to us. That’s always the most gratifying, kind of goose bump-giving feeling.”

DeLeon had a special parting message to all you Soldiers out there: “Thank you to everyone for the support and being so patient as we signed this new deal and put out this new EP. We’re really proud of it and we’ll see you on the road very soon!”

- Words by Lauren Jones

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