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Free Signed Beyoncé Poster? Sing "Single Ladies" On The Phone to a Craigslist Poster

Ever wanted a signed and framed Beyoncé poster? For free?

One person on Craigslist is giving theirs away "to the person who calls... to sing the best version of 'single ladies' before 4 PM EST."

The ad was posted online yesterday and is most likely not available still but you never know!

You can check out the original Craigslist ad posted below.

I am moving across the country and need to give things away, most were for free. I have a signed and framed Beyoncé poster from her 2012 show in Chicago, will show authenticity photo. I am willing to give and send for free to the person who calls me to sing the best version of "single ladies" before 4 PM EST. Voicemails are fine. I can always appreciate a good Beyoncé fan.

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