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O-Town Reveal Why Ashley Parker Was Not Part of The Reunion

O-Town have opened up in a new interview with MTV News the reason why original member Ashley Parker Angel was not part of the boy-band's reunion.

“Just time and location didn’t work and this deal that came past … just seemed to be the best timing for majority. And because it was 10 years, we got to the question, ‘Do we not do it at all because we are not five or do we just do it as four?’ ” Jacob Underwood said, then focusing on Angel. “We are not angry. He just didn’t want to do it right now. And the fans, because we had started this about two years ago, and they had been asking. We kind of felt like now was the good time.”

O-Town's brand new comeback album Lines & Circles drops on August 3rd. You can stream their newly released single "Skydive" here.

Alter The Press!