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Another Justin Bieber Racist Video Surfaces Online

Justin Bieber strikes again.

Just days after a video of the Biebs (at age 15) making a racist joke surfaced online, a second video of JB (at age 14) singing a racist version of his tune "One Less Lonely Girl" has made its way on the Internet.

The shocking 30-second clip, which can be viewed below, shows the 20-year-old Canadian pop star repeatedly singing "One less lonely n----r," and, "If I kill you, I'll be part of the KKK, but there'll be one less lonely n----r."

According to TMZ, the singer and his team wanted the video to be posted because he wants to own up to what he did. Part of the reason Bieber wanted the video to get out was that he had been extorted for money over the years, but also that he wants to accept responsibility for his actions.

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