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ATP! Interview: Tiffany Houghton

Mix the sassiness of Katy Perry with the sweetness of Ariana Grande and you get Tiffany Houghton. With her thoughtful lyrics and poppy sound, Houghton has all the makings of a true pop star.

“I’ve always loved to perform anytime that I could, I would hold concerts in my front yard and put posters up everywhere,” said Houghton.

From the first scene in her latest music video for “Love Like That,” Houghton makes it hard not to like her. It’s easy to tell that she’s worked long and hard for the success she’s had, absolutely loves what she does, and doesn’t take it for granted. After scoring a role as Annie’s understudy in the Broadway production of Annie at nine years old, Houghton realized she wanted to be in show business and the music industry.

“I looked around and realized at a young age that this is a business for people and although my heart is on the line, most people don’t see it that way,” said Houghton. “It’s helped me in business, I can’t let myself get my feelings hurt or let things stop me.”

When Houghton was 6-years-old, she started writing in a journal, leading to her fascination with lyrics and how they could tell a story. At 17-years-old, Houghton made the big move from Dallas to Nashville to hopefully learn more about songwriting.

“I think Nashville was a great place for me to learn a lot about lyrics and now in LA I’m learning a lot about melodies and it’s awesome to be working with incredible people that are so talented,” said Houghton.

With all of the lessons she’s learned and the experiences she had in the music industry, Houghton is about to set off on her biggest tour yet, supporting MKTO on their headlining American Dream Tour through the US.

“I’m really excited because we have a really similar fan base and I think that I can relate to the fans in a different way than MKTO does because I’m a girl and they’re guys,” Houghton said. “They’re fans of both of our music.”

Not only will Houghton get the opportunity to perform in front of new fans and bigger audiences, but she also gets to experience her dream of performing in the big room at the House of Blues in Dallas, her hometown. But her magic isn't confined to the stage. Along with touring, Houghton is working on perfecting singles to be released this year and performed on the American Dream Tour. All of the singles will be complied into an EP for fans to purchase on the tour.

“I’m really excited for my fans to hear the songs I’m putting out this year!” Houghton said.

- Words by Caroline Hall

Dates for Tiffany's upcoming summer tour with MKTO can be found here.

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