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Fall Out Boy Are Writing New Music

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz has revealed in an interview with Billboard that the band are currently writing new music.

An excerpt from the article of Pete confirming the news can be found below.

Don't forget, the band will be touring this summer across North America with Paramore. Dates and ticket information can be found here.

What is coming up for you guys musically?
We're writing. I was just listening to something Patrick had written in the trailer. So we're writing, finishing out the album cycle in South Africa in September and then I feel like the great thing about what internet culture has morphed into, we were goofing around with this weird French producer the other day just for the heck of it. And I feel like you can just put out whatever and as long as it's authentic to who you are. It can be singles or an EP, it's just whatever you want.

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