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Panic! At The Disco Responds to Westboro Baptist Church Picketing Concert

The Westboro Baptist Church announced recently they were going to picket Panic At The Disco's concert in Kansas City, MO this past weekend.

And after the organization's ludicrous song and dance, want to know how many people actually turned up? 13. Yes... only 13 people turned up to picket the concert.

The band announced yesterday, that for every member of WBC that showed up, they were going to donate $20 to the Human Rights Campaign. Since $260 was a very low number to donate to the civil rights organization, they decided to donate $1000 as well as 5% sales of merchandise from the concert.

Panic! At The Disco are currently touring across the country on their "This Is Gospel" summer tour. Remaining dates and ticket information can be found here.

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