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Paramore Concert Interrupted By A Skunk

You never know what to expect when you go to a Paramore concert!

During the band's set at the Bunbury Festival in Cincinnati, OH, while they were playing "The Only Exception," vocalist Hayley Williams noticed some commotion happening in the crowd.

"Do you guys want me to stop? Let’s just pause. Is everybody OK down there? Good? Not good? We’ll just hold on until everything gets cool," said Hayley when noticing their was a problem, despite not knowing what was happening until a fan shouted at her that a skunk was in the crowd!

Once Hayley was aware of the situation, she addressed the crowd saying, “Apparently, it’s just a skunk that’s down down there, spraying all of you with its love and generosity!  That’s never happened before!”

Once the problem was resolved, the band resumed their set.

“This goes out to you guys. I think you smell beautiful, no matter how you smell! And that’s unconditional love right there!”

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