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ATP! Live Review: Demi Lovato - Baltimore Arena Baltimore, MD (09/06/2014)

Demi Lovato has taken 2014 by storm, to say the least. Between winning Teen Choice Awards and presenting VMA’s, Demi also managed to plan a World Tour, which kicked off last weekend in Baltimore, MD.

To summarize this tour in a sentence: it was anything but original. From her dancers, to the outfit changes, to the stage lighting, she tries to keep the audience wanting more. Demi has brought two other amazing artists to join her on this tour, MKTO and Christina Perri. In addition, she also brought out an inspirational speaker, Spencer West, to speak to the audience about his story between sets.

Demi made an amazing choice by putting MKTO and Christina Perri as her opening acts because they’re both super talented and get the crowd pumped! The “queen” herself started her set with her latest single, “Really Don’t Care,” and ended with another hit single, “Neon Lights.” The setlist for this tour is comprised of new and old songs, and the audience definitely won’t be disappointed.

This tour is filled with a ton of surprises, and some may change tour date to tour date. Demi covers "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, but manages to put her own twist on it, adding her own dance moves at the end of the performance and has an amazing video montage playing behind her. Demi makes sure the audience knows that this tour is no longer about reflecting on her past, but about moving forward. She spoke a lot about her 21st birthday in Africa and her volunteering experiences and how they’ve changed her.

Words by Erin Post

Set List

Really Don't Care
The Middle
Fire Starter
Remember December
Heart Attack
My Love Is Like A Star
Don't Forget
Catch Me
Get Back (acoustic)
Let It Go
Two Pieces
Thriller (Michael Jackson cover)
Got Dynamite
Give Your Heart A Break
Neon Lights

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