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Hilary Duff Is Open To A Lizzie McGuire Reunion

Hilary Duff has revealed in a new interview that she would be down for a Lizzie McGuire reunion.

"I love it! I would be totally open to it," she told Huffington Post. "My schedule is a little busy right now. But um….why not?"

She added, "I mean, so many people loved [Lizzie]. I loved her. Honestly, working on that show, I got so strong with my physical comedy and all the things that they would throw at me. And all this, I mean it was a really, really fun show. And obviously people really loved her. Maybe a "Lizzie: Where Are You Now?" like 10 years later."

We are incredibly excited! At least we have Hilary's upcoming album (expected next year) to look forward to and Lizzie McGuire reruns available to watch anytime.

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