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Justin Bieber Assault Charge Dropped

Prosecutors announced today (September 8th) they have dropped an assault charge against Justin Bieber in connection with an incident involving a Toronto limousine driver.

The withdrawn charge stemmed from an early-morning incident late last December, when Bieber and five other people were picked up by a limousine from a Toronto nightclub. Police alleged Bieber, 20, hit the limo driver several times in the back of the head. The charge made headlines just days after Bieber was arrested in Miami on street-racing and other charges.

Prosecutors said the assault charge was withdrawn because there was no reasonable prospect of conviction.

"It was the right decision based on the evidence and we're pleased," said Brian Greenspan, Bieber's lawyer. "It's our belief that no one assaulted the driver."

Greenspan said the withdrawal of the charge follows a thorough review of the evidence by a responsible prosecutor. Bieber is relieved and ready to move on with his career with one less diversion, Greenspan said.

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