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ATP! EXCLUSIVE: Angels & Airwaves - "The Wolfpack"

Nearly 15 years ago, Tom DeLonge came up with the concept of a character named Poet Anderson in a Paris hotel while touring with Blink-182, and now he's implemented it into a new, innovative project with Angels & Airwaves. The band have announced they're releasing their fourth album, The Dream Walker, this December, but that's only a piece of a much larger trans-media project aptly titled 'Poet Anderson The Dream Walker,' which will also include a film and novel.

Today, we are ecstatic to be co-premiering AVA's new single, "The Wolfpack," with our friends at PureVolume and Buzznet.

'The Wolfpack' is the first single from our upcoming album, The Dream Walker, which is part of a bigger trans-media project called ‘Poet Anderson The Dream Walker,'" explains DeLonge. "The song is a bit of a journey in and out of the many teeth of the music business — an industry that can be a sexy girl on one hand, but a vicious axe murderer on the other. "Each piece of this project, whether it's the novel, the feature film, or the album, is meant to stand on its own individually, as well within the entirety of its parts. It’s an art project with many paths to adventure. I felt it was time to try a bit harder and create something that was more than just an album, and it's ironic that this album might actually be my best."

"The Wolfpack" is available to purchase now via iTunes.

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