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One Direction Reveal New Album 'FOUR' Track Listing

One Direciton have revealed the track listing for their upcoming new album FOUR, which can be found below.

The group's latest full-length will be officially released on November 17th.

FOUR Track Listing

1. "Steal My Girl"
2. "Ready to Run"
3. "Where Do Broken Hearts Go"
4. "18"
5. "Girl Almighty"
6. "Fool's Gold"
7. "Night Chances"
8. "No Control"
9. "Fireproof"
10. "Spaces"
11. "Stockholm Syndrome"
12. "Clouds"

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks

13. "Change Your Ticket"
14. "Illusion"
15. "Once in a Lifetime"
16. "Act My Age"

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