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ATP! Album Review: Nick Jonas - S/T

A few years ago the idea that a Nick Jonas solo album could be described as sexy would probably be laughable. But his self-titled solo release is just that: sexy. The squeaky-clean boy-band image is gone, replaced by a soulful crooner, and it’s definitely something worth listening to.

The album starts off with “Chains,” the first single that was released off the album. “Chains” is a damn good song, but the next song, “Jealous” is one of the best on this album. It encompasses all that is great about this album: hints of Timberlake-like falsetto, mature lyrics and a beat more comparable to R&B songs than his pop/rock past. “Teacher” is another highlight, a sexy dance song featuring Jonas saying he’ll teach you how to love.

“Warning” is one of the few tracks that aren’t exceptional on the album, with a mildly annoying chorus, though the verses are still pretty good. Then comes the punch of “Wilderness” and “Numb.” The first uses the great outdoors as a naughty comparison and the latter features an unexpected yet epic verse from rapper Angel Haze and is the first song on the album that gives it its Parental Advisory warning. “Push” slows it down and makes gorgeous use of Jonas’ falsetto through the entire song and “I Want You” is one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard. “Avalanche” is a gorgeous duet with Demi Lovato that’s another of the best on the album. Their voices harmonize perfectly together, and honestly, Demi Lovato makes everything a bit more awesome. If they made a full album of duets together it would be outstanding.

Jonas told Rolling Stone that his new album would surprise people, and he was definitely right. This is nothing like the Jonas Brothers. The album gives Nick his own sound and style that’s unique to him and it’s outstanding. Some may wish it sounded more like the old days, but Nick is doing fabulously at shedding the Disney image and being all grown up.


Lauren Jones

Nick Jonas' eponymous second studio album is available now via Island Records.

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