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ATP! Live Review: Tegan & Sara - Paramount Theatre Seattle, WA (11/11/2014)

As the year comes to a close, so does another era of Tegan and Sara's catalog: Heartthrob. As lovers and gawkers pack the street outside Seattle's Paramount Theater last night the excitement only grew more tense.

Tegan and Sara brought along two of their most talked about openers on the tour. The Courtneys gave off some Joan Jett/Best Coast realness while Waters served a massive dance party and unavoidable sing-a-longs. It's always refreshing to be surprised by an opener potential and talent.

But then the ladies of the hour graced Seattle's presence as they glided on stage to their own 'Sentimental Tune.' Since playing arenas earlier this year with Katy Perry, the Quin twins now have their own professional lights and gadgets to play in the big leagues. This only made their synth-heavy tracks 'Drove Me Wild' and revamped 'Monday, Monday, Monday' all the more exciting.

One of the best parts of a Tegan and Sara headliner, that we frankly have missed from their support shows, is the loving sisterly banter between the twins. Whether it's Sara rambling on about what one song means to her or if it's Tegan bringing her back down to Earth, their banter is truly a show within itself.

Sainthood-ers were treated in the middle of the show with 'Alligator' and 'On Directing.' Not to mention that we were spoiled with not only 'The Con' but an acoustic 'Call It Off.' Both tracks that were essentially absent in their opening arena sets. The twins really gave a stellar variety in this setlist and didn't stick to strictly Heartthrob tracks (like previous shows). Not only that, but tracks like 'Dark Come Soon' and 'Living Room' got the 80's makeover treatment with big pulsing drums and driving synths to give them the big sound they deserve.

The ending of the regular set closed with predictables: 'Back in Your Head' and 'Closer.' Que Tegan and Sara to leave the stage for three seconds to only come back for a So Jealous encore! Since there's no #SoJealous10 tour in the works, this is probably as close as we're gonna get to one. The encore gifted us with a 'So Jealous' remix, a seemingly forgotten (on Tegan's part) 'I Know, I Know, I Know,' and a finale of 'Where Does The Good Go.'

Like all good tales, they must come to a close. Last night proved that Tegan and Sara still know where they came from, and there is only uphill from here. What this next post-album break brings will be up in the air. But there's no denying that these two will create yet another work of art to be throbbed over (see what I did there?).

- Jordan Wyman

Tegan & Sara Set List (Seattle, WA - 11/11/2014)

Sentimental Tune
I'm Not Your Hero
Drove Me Wild
Monday Monday Monday
Dark Come Soon
Walking With a Ghost
Goodbye, Goodbye
I Was A Fool
On Directing
Shock To Your System
I Couldn't Be Your Friend
How Come You Don't Want Me
The Con
Call It Off
Now I'm All Messed Up
Living Room
Back In Your Head
So Jealous (Remix)
I Know I Know I Know
Where Does The Good Go

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