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ATP! Album Review: Against The Current - Gravity EP

There’s a new band that should be on your radar, a band ready to break down the barriers between pop and rock music, and they’re about to do so with a new EP called Gravity. They’re called Against The Current, and they’re an infectious pop-rock trio about to make some waves.

Their impressive EP opens with its title track and lead single, “Gravity,” which will have you clapping along from the outset (literally, it begins with hand claps). Chrissy Costanza’s vocals are delicate and twee as they take you through the first verse. Don’t for a second think this is some sort of soft pop record though, as the chorus really explodes, transforming the track into a punchy anthem, full of energy and life.

“Talk” steers further towards the rock influences behind this record and with lyrics such as, “So why don’t we just call it what it is, because everyone knows you’re full of shit,” it’s the ultimate break-up jam, for those moments in life when you just really wanna hate on your past mistakes.

“Dreaming Alone” and “Paralyzed” fit comfortably in the middle, both continuing on the bouncy, rhythmic patterns that flow throughout, though not overly outstanding when compared with the tracks wrapped around them.

“Fireproof” is where things really kick off with this EP though; it absolutely shines amongst the other tracks. It has a full-throttle, intense introduction that launches the track to a level that’s destined for stadiums. Costanza excels as a vocalist, her voice raspy with an edge that delivers each word with bite, whilst still retaining that angelic tone. It has the mother of all choruses, filled with chants and pounding drums, which are sure to send crowds into a frenzy when played live.

This powerful EP finally comes to a close on “Brighter” a heart-warming ballad with a piano melody and a string section to add drama to the song. A far cry from the anthem that came before it, yet it still glows with passion and is the perfect end to what is a brilliant EP.


Tamsyn Wilce

Against The Current's Gravity EP is available now via iTunes.

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