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ATP! Essential Listening: flor

Hailing from Hood River, Oregon, and now Los Angeles, flor is a four-piece indie band that’s slowly making its way into our music libraries and gaining momentum. Not much is known about the band, which may add to their appeal: making music for the sake of letting people enjoy their sound. The only information fans are given comes from the band’s cryptic social media updates..

They released their first single “Heart” in the fall of last year – a favorite for sure. After listening to this catchy song on repeat for…a while, we were hooked on this mysterious group. Lucky for us, they’ve recently released another single “Get Behind This” just a couple of weeks ago (January 13), which we’ve added to our playlist rotation. This song has the same upbeat tempo with plenty of piano work and what sounds like tambourine notes; however, “Get Behind This” definitely puts flor’s more electric side on display. If you listen carefully, the message in the song is even more powerful than the sound. As their chorus says, “I guess I never thought anything good could come from the get go…” but everyone else is letting go and enjoying life, so why not do the same?

Let’s be honest, these songs are perfect for dancing around your room when no one’s watching (or at least that’s what you hope – but hey – we’re not judging).

Words by Alexandra Shimalla

Alter The Press!