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Why *NSYNC's Reunion at SNL's 40th Anniversary Didn't Happen

Dreams were crushed last night when *NSYNC's teased reunion didn't happen last night (Feb. 16) on Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary show.

Last week, the group posted on their Twitter account, "Together again... Gee, it's good to be together again" #SNL40," sending their fans into an early 2000s spiral of joy – so why didn't the guys all appear on the star-studded anniversary show on Sunday?

Members Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick spoke to Access Hollywood and revealed why the reunion didn't actually happen last night:

"Here's the reality of it, to be honest. Justin [Timberlake's] here. We were all supposed to be here, but actually with the weather and everything else, JC [Chasez] could not be here. There was no performance [planned]," Joey told Billy on the red carpet before "SNL's" anniversary show.

And it appears snow is also to blame.

"My flight got canceled last night and I had to come in today," Joey continued.

"It's freezing up here right now. Floridians don't understand this... We lost our luggage. I freaked out," Chris added.

Despite the *NSYNC reunion not coming together, the boys appeared to have a blast on Sunday.
Lance Bass – along with Joey and Chris – posed with "SNL" alums Cheri Oteri, Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph backstage.

And after Justin opened the show with Jimmy Fallon, he shared numerous shots of his night on Instagram and Twitter.

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