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ATP! Album Review: Olly Murs - Never Been Better

Olly Murs is, without a doubt, a sensation in the UK, even if he hasn’t quite broken into US mainstream just yet. However, we think this artist’s day in the American spotlight is coming – and very soon. Recently appointed Radio Disney’s “Next Big Thing” featured artist, Olly Murs has dropped a new album, Never Been Better, and performed the lead single “Wrapped Up” with Travie McCoy on Live With Kelly and Michael. It’s clear that Murs is on his way to establishing himself stateside.

Never Been Better features a varied blend of genres, all of which Murs does pretty well. First track “Did You Miss Me?” is a standout and almost has a Michael Jackson-esque feel to it, while second track “Wrapped Up” is a funky pop sing-along ready to be played all over the radio. “Beautiful To Me” gives Murs a chance to show off his falsetto in a beautiful love song about his girl never changing who she is. “Up” features Demi Lovato, wonderful as usual, making a nice duet something truly special.

While the second half of the album is a bit more forgettable than the first, it still contains some great songs. “Nothing Without You” is a lovely ballad that shows off Murs’ voice extremely well, and title track “Never Been Better” is a powerful song about being confident and never stopping until his goals are reached. Closing track “Let Me In” is different than anything else on the album, and it’s gorgeous, folky and almost gospel-tinged. It’s easily one of the best songs on this album.

Murs proves throughout the album that he can sing pretty much anything. From folky songs to dance tracks to ballads, he hits every note and his voice seems to match all of the genres perfectly.

Never Been Better is a solid album that showcases everything that Murs can do. It’s filled with catchy songs and inspirational ballads, and establishes Murs as a truly great pop artist who deserves to be heard. A voice as good as his deserves to be everywhere.


Words by Lauren Jones

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