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ATP! Interview: Bea Miller

At only 16 years old, Bea Miller is already more successful than most people. She’s competed on the United States X-Factor, been signed to Syco Music/Hollywood Records and released a debut EP. To say she’s on a roll is an understatement. With an upcoming tour starting in July, the future is looking pretty bright for Miller.

This summer and fall, Miller plans on touring the US, with a few intimate pop-up shows in between.

“I want to do some small shows with like 100 people in tiny venues to build a fan base and connect with and perform for as many people as I possibly can while on tour,” Miller said.

The first time she ever performed on a stage in front of a live audience was at age 13 on season two of the X-Factor, and Miller is genuinely grateful for that opportunity. “It brought me to where I am today,” Miller said. “I wouldn’t have an album coming out or be signed to my label without it.”

Even though Miller only has one EP officially released, Young Blood, she is already doing a great job at connecting with her fans and working towards what Miller said is her biggest goal: to reach as many people as possible. Music is less about winning awards, Miller said, and more about connecting.

The young artist makes these connections through emotions; Miller said that if she feels strongly about something, she knows her fans will likely relate and understand.

“They go through a lot of the same things I do,” Miller said.

The majority of Miller’s fan base is right around her own age, a fact that she doesn’t take for granted. Miller not only connects with her fans through music, but also through social media.

“I tweet just like how I text my friend or someone I personally know because I know my fans will understand and relate to it,” Miller said.

From the beginning, Miller has appreciated the depth and importance of music to people. When asked what album inspired her to start getting into music, Miller jokingly chose Hannah Montana because of the young age she started. She quickly answered the question realistically with a nod to Half Moon Run.

“They hide really deep incredible, well thought out lyrics behind songs that are more upbeat and fun-sounding,” Miller said.

With her deep appreciation of music, Miller is striving to bring alternative and other genres of music back into the popular radio culture. She finds fault in how “no one wants to experiment,” Miller said.

Changing what is considered the most popular genre to listen to would be awesome, according to Miller, but “no one really tries that.”

Miller is ready to try her hand at duets, however – and there’s one artist in particular she is keen on performing alongside.

“Ed Sheeran times a thousand!” Miller said. “I’m in love with his writing and his music and everything he does.”

Although she was a little embarrassed to admit it, she’s already planned out exactly how their duet would sound; the two of their voices in a simple yet beautiful song. Overall, Miller just wants to help people with her music like others have helped her.

“Music helps me through the day, and if I can do that for other people, that’s the top priority,” Miller said.

The current state of the music industry is definitely in need of the young and honest attitude Miller possesses, and we’re already ready to hear more.

Words by Caroline Hall

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