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ATP! Interview: Sweet Suspense

In recent years, girl groups have had somewhat of a renaissance that has been nearly a decade in the making, and the X Factor franchise is able to take the claim for some of these groups. Their most recent success story is that of a threesome of teenage girls – Millie Thrasher, Celine Polenghi, and Summer Reign – who go by the name of Sweet Suspense.

Like other X Factor sensations, the girls of the pop trio auditioned separately for the reality competition show’s third season in 2013. They were initially cut but then put together by judge Simon Cowell to form Sweet Suspense.

While others may have been upset to be placed in a group with total strangers, the girls were thrilled. The process can be lonely and difficult without the support of people who are going through the same thing.

“I was just looking for companionship,” said Reign.

And companionship is what they found; the girls bonded instantly and have been making music and singing together since.

Performing songs like “I Love It” and “Mickey,” Sweet Suspense established themselves on X Factor as a versatile vocal group capable of tackling both old school and contemporary hits. Despite their youth, the girls showed great maturity and professionalism both off and on the stage.

A 12th place finish did not deter the band from pursuing their music career. The girls used YouTube to showcase their impressive vocal chops on Wilson Phillips’s “Hold On,” a video that has surpassed 300K views. At the end of 2014, the girls released a Christmas single for Radio Disney, “Just Another Night,” a fun holiday tune that can easily be listened to at any time of year.

Their latest single, the ultra-catchy “Here We Go Again,” premiered on Radio Disney on Valentine’s Day and is now available on iTunes.

“It’s a relatable breakup song,” explained Polenghi.

“It’s about completely jamming out, having fun, and girl power,” Thraser added.

The chanted bridge that include the lyrics “I hope you got the message I left for you, signed XOXO we are through” truly prove that this song has girl power written all over it in the best way.

The girls are very passionate about their sound that they described as “pop, urban- infused.”

“We incorporate different genres,” said Reign.

Listening to “Here We Go Again,” it’s easy to pinpoint the pop, electronic, hip-hop, and R&B influences that work together to create a unique and undeniably enjoyable song.

On influences, Reign said, “We look up to powerhouse groups, and even to singular artists.”

One of their biggest inspirations is Destiny’s Child, along with other girl groups from the early ‘00s era. These inspirations help give them their “throwback” sound. Sweet Suspense are just beginning their journey into the industry, with a music video for “Here We Go Again” to premiere within the next week and a tour on the horizon. Their fun personalities, dedication to making music, and impressive vocals make them the pop group to watch this year.

Words by Nicole Pieri

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