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Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive Saves Fan From Being Choked by Security at Soundwave Festival

Footage has surfaced online of Tonight Alive vocalist Jenna McDougall defending a fan from being choked by security guards at the Brisbane stop of this year's Soundwave Festival.

“After audience members apparently jumped the barrier to approach the stage, security took harsher than expected measures against the crowd, allegedly crash tackling and, as seen in the below video, pinning one man to the ground.

As shown in the video above, Jenna clearly and repeatedly states into the microphone, “He’s cool. It’s alright, man. It’s cool.” A crowd member can be heard shouting, “Let him the fuck up!”

“Stop!” shouts Jenna before jumping down into the security pit area. “The guy just wanted a high five.” The crowd becomes increasingly agitated, screaming, “Let him up!”

Security eventually release the man, before McDougall apologises, high fives her fan and embraces him.

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