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Nick Jonas on Zayn Malik's Exit from 1D: "I Understand What He's Going Through"

Nick Jonas has shared his opinion about Zayn Malik's decision to part ways with One Direction.

"It's always tough," he told E! News. "You know, there's never an easy time to make a decision like that. I commend him for doing what he feels is right for him and you got to stay true to yourself."

Back in Oct. 2013, Jonas and his brothers, Kevin and Joe, parted ways professionally. He has since gone on to have a successful solo career, including his hit single "Jealous," and will host the Kids' Choice Awards this weekend.

And while he believes that Malik had to do what was best for him, he does understand that the fans might be going through a tough time for the moment.

"I feel for the One Direction fans and I hope they're doing OK," he said, "but you know, it's one of those things, that sometimes it's just time to close a chapter."

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