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ATP! Album Review: All Time Low - Future Hearts

Baltimore based quartet All Time Low is a favorite here at Alter The Press. You know this, they know this, we know this. This is why when they release something new, we always go in with a mix of sheer excitement and mild trepidation. There’s always a chance, with a love as great as ours, to be let down. It’s a fear that is ultimately unwarranted, as All Time Low still has yet to actually let us down. In fact, they only continue to amaze us, as the most certainly have with their sixth studio album, Future Hearts.

Opening with "Satellite," which can only be described as a perfect set opener, Future Hearts will not only go down as the band’s best release yet, but also as one of 2015’s top pop-rock albums. (If not the best.) The lead singles “Something’s Gotta Give” and “Kids In The Dark” are the closest to 2012’s Don’t Panic, and ease listeners into the new sound wonderfully. Undeniable future fan favorites come in the form of the two collaborations, “Tidal Waves” with Mark Hoppus and “Bail Me Out” with Joel Madden. While the two could not be more different – the former a ballad about overcoming the preconceived perceptions people have and the latter a full on pop-rock jam about having someone that will always be there – they will find themselves on repeat. Both collaborations fit so well with their guest star, and it’s just great to see the band able to team up with artists they look up to.

Admittedly, this reviewer’s favorite track is actually the bonus acoustic version of “Cinderblock Garden.” Don’t get us wrong, the original recording is good, but the stripped back version feels so natural. The words suddenly have added meaning to them. Not that they weren’t meaningful beforehand, but the acoustic guitar and slight tinkling of piano seem to truly express their significance.

It needs to be said that the entire release feels like All Time Low. Every era of All Time Low. They have combined what they started doing with what they have grown into and created the perfect sound for themselves. Not only that, but the message that the release carries is such a strong one. Future Hearts is for the fans. Plain and simple. They said this album was a throwback to their youth, and you can feel that. They wrote songs as the fans that grew up needing music, for the kids growing up that need music now. It’s inspirational, and it’s exactly what so many of their fans are looking to be told.

There’s strength in music, and Future Hearts exemplifies that. We already loved and respected All Time Low. That’s not news. But now we have even more respect, because they’ve created an album that will specifically cater to getting listeners through the tough times.


Words by Victoria Patneaude

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